The legend of Awí

Before the world was a world, everything was water until the Spinner, a fantastic being made of mud emerged. The Spinner hovered over the waters and from him emerged Awí, a luminous and enchanted being, who had been chosen to lead a new people.

To accommodate the people of this new world, Awí built seven cities on the waters. The Spinner then told Awí that he could fly over these waters, but he could never get to close to them and look into their depths!

However, one day, while Awí was gazing towards the sun, he felt a strong desire to look at the waters. When he did, a whirlwind opened, and in the background, Awí saw the clay from which the Spinner was made, and then diving in to reach it.

Upon touching the clay, a great imbalance and disharmony was unleashed, and the cities of Awí were swallowed up to the bottom of the waters. With this, the solid parts of the bottom of these waters emerged, creating the present continents, while also liberating Anhanga, the spiritual energies that represent low frequencies, such as envy and discord. Awí had his head broken into three parts, giving rise to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms; and the people of his village were transformed into energy and called Caruanas.

The Spinner then returned and, in order to govern this new world that was formed on the waters, he created a force called Patú-Anú, the Generator of Energies, and planted in those lands the seed of life: man, woman and all the living beings. This seed gave origin to the Indians of Marajó, who came to worship the energies of Patú-Anú and the Caruanas, the people of Awí.

And nowadays, with the planet and the forest under attack from modern life, Awí has ​​returned to instill in people the connection with the Amazon and restore the balance with nature, through a regenerative diet.

Text based on the legend told by the pajé marajoara Zeneida Lima da Silva.

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