How it All Began

Our History

Build upon two decades of socioenvironmental projects in indigenous villages and rural settlements, a passion for green technologies and an addiction to superfoods, Awí was born—and inspired by a message from the Amazon rainforest: that she could heal us, but only if we also cared for her.  

In 2017, we founded the Patú Anú Farm School, on Marajó Island, in the Brazilian state of Pará, believing in the principles of syntropic agriculture as a solution to regenerate the rainforest and generate abundance for the river people.

We understood our mission as guardians of the sacred rainforest, to bring social and environmental technologies to the local population, while spreading vibrant health and well-being through conscious and regenerative foods.

Can you imagine curing four birds with one healing stone?

Inspired by a legend of the Sacaca tribe, indigenous to Marajó Island, Awí was inspired with a mission to restore equilibrium between the forest, the waters and the local river people, between our food and our bodies and between our eating choices and their impact on the planet.


We choose to be Earth Warrior Superfoods and nourish those who defend the planet, based on a regenerative economy, that fights for a new path for the Amazon rainforest so that it might survive.  


For this reason, we are applying sustainable and regenerative innovations for the development of the region, seeking to disseminate alternatives to deforestation and burning the forest, for example, teaching principles of syntropic agriculture, an agroforestry system that seeks to plant a highly diverse biodiversity of trees and crops, in order to increase organic material, sequestre carbono and improve soil.


Thus, the purpose of this great dream and the path we have traveled could not be limited to ourselves, so hence we opened the doors of our Eco-Fazenda Escola to receive students from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Pará (IFPA) and the region’s riverside farmers, in partnership with cooperatives, to teach them this new agroforestry model, so that they apply this knowledge to their communities and develop a new local economy, which values the various palm trees and fruits, generates additional income and encourages the preservation of the forest.


Going beyond these initiatives for Mother Amazon and bringing the world a conscious alternative, in 2018 we launched the first version of our Awí Superfood Sorbet, a unique mix of superfoods, with a very high nutritonal density of vitamins, antioxidants, fibers and minerals, and only 60% of the calories present in other typical brands.


We have great faith in the dream that we are creating together! This dream will only be possible with the support of important institutions that support business with such a vision for positive socio-environmental impact, and people like you who support us with their patronage.

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